How To Apply? > Exclusions

Compensation is NOT payable under the following circumstances:

•Applicant driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs; refusing a breath/blood test;
•Applicant not holding a valid driving license authorising that person to drive the motor vehicle of the class or use for which it is registered;
•Applicant failing to comply with all the conditions of their driving licence;
•Applicant being convicted for any act or omission that directly caused the accident;
•Suicide or attempted suicide;
•Applicant claiming compensation for any injury or death that did not directly arise from the accident;
•Applicant claiming compensation for the owner of a vehicle who, failed to pay the motor vehicle accident levy;

ACCF will not consider the following applications:
•An application where the applicant refuses to provide information as  required by the ACCF;
•An application for a person who refuses to undergo medical assessment;
•A fraudulent application;
•An application that has been previously determined by the ACCF.