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Message from the CEO

Since 01 January 2018 the Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji (ACCF) has been receiving and processing applications for compensation for personal injuries and deaths arising from accidents in Fiji. The scheme is designed to remove the unreasonable hurdles that victims of accidents previously faced in pursuit of compensation. This included lengthy and costly legal battles, the burden of proving fault, unreasonable exclusions and uncertainty of outcomes.
ACCF is privileged to be able to serve victims of accidents through a scheme that removes these hurdles. The new law ensures that applications for compensation are able to be made without worrying about proving fault. The benefit of the no fault scheme was realised in the first few payments of compensation. The facts of some of these cases were such that the applicants would not have been entitled to compensation given the requirement of proving fault under the previous law. We now have a much fairer system in place which is premised on providing compensation that is equitable in substance and procedure.  
We will strive to make a positive difference to the lives of Fijians involved in accidents.  In doing so, we will put people first, work with honesty, integrity and transparency, focus on efficiency and ensure we work as one team.
We are motivated by our goal to serve fellow Fijians. To achieve this, we will ensure the success of ACCF as an entity, and empower our team, who in turn will ensure Fijians receive the excellent service they deserve.
Notwithstanding ACCF’s commitment to serve Fijians during a time of need, it is imperative that we all aspire to live in a society where we do not injure or lose loved ones to accidents. We have lost too many Fijians to motor vehicle accidents and thousands have been injured in motor vehicle accidents and accidents in the workplace. We can never over emphasise the importance of road safety and safety generally.
Safety is not just a matter for Government, or any one entity or institution. We should all take responsibility for ensuring that we look after the safety of ourselves and others, on the roads, in the workplace, in schools and anywhere else we visit. It is also important that we educate our children from a very young age about safety and the risks and hazards around us.

ACCF takes great satisfaction in helping people obtain compensation through a simple, cost free and fair process. We look forward to doing our very best to assist and support individuals and families who find themselves in need of compensation following an accident.