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Wednesday, July 26, 2023
Speeding continues to be the major cause of deaths and serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents. This was confirmed to the Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji (ACCF) Board at their Board meeting on 26th July 2023 as part of management’s update.  

The ACCF CEO, Mr Parvez Akbar highlighted that since January 2023, 55 lives have been lost on our roads and of these 55 fatalities, a significant number have been caused by speeding.

Approximately 80% of the applications received by ACCF for compensation for serious injuries and deaths, have speeding as the contributing factor to the accident. ACCF sees the impact of these deaths and injuries on individuals and families on a daily basis, and says the ripple effect on families, communities, colleagues, the health system and the economy is unacceptable. Even one life lost is one too many, and the current statistics for injuries and deaths on our roads are shocking and disgraceful. All these serious injuries and deaths are unnecessary and avoidable.

If drivers control their vehicle speed, it will prevent many crashes from occurring, and will reduce the impact when they do occur, lessening the severity of injuries sustained by the victims, and preventing death. Drivers must heed the following speed-related advice:
  • Never drive in excess of the speed limit.
  • Ensure your speed is safe for the road conditions (for example, slow down if the road is winding, bumpy, narrow, or wet).
  • Ensure you can stop suddenly if required.
Drivers are urged to be patient on the roads and not take risks. They should plan their journey, leave early and do not rush. Drivers should ensure they are well rested before they drive, do not consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances, and buckle up. Other road users are also urged to be careful and share the road safely, including pedestrians.

ACCF will not pay compensation to drivers who suffer serious injuries if they are convicted of an offence for any act or omission that directly caused the accident. Other exclusions also apply.
ACCF has approved approximately $52 million in compensation for victims of motor vehicle, employment and school accidents to date.