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Four More Lives Lost on Our Roads

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Article Four More Lives Lost on Our Roads
Media Statement by Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji
      Four More Lives Lost on Our Roads
The Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji expresses its concern regarding a motor vehicle accident that took place on Friday, 05th November 2021, along Queens Road in Wainiyabia, Navua. The Commission urges victims of the accident, or their families to contact ACCF in respect of their entitlements.

The accident allegedly occurred as a result of over speeding. Whilst the actual cause of the accident will be determined on completion of the Police investigation, ACCF is concerned with the fact that the accident occurred as a result of the driver allegedly driving at a high speed failing to negotiate a bend resulting in a head-on collision with the oncoming bus. 

Whether you are in a rush to arrive at your destination quickly, the temptation to speeding must be resisted. Apart from breaking road rules, common sense dictates that this is a bad idea. The consequence of such a manoeuvre has a high risk of being disastrous and fatal. 

Police investigation confirmed that marijuana was discovered in the car. 

  ACCF offers the following tips to drivers regarding speeding:
  • Reduce your speed before approaching a bend. Watch out for road signs warning of approaching bends so that you have ample time to slow down before steering through the curve.
  • As you approach a bend, move to the side of your lane opposite of the direction of the bend. 
  • Keep a safe gap from oncoming traffic and any roadside hazards.
  • If you’re driving through a series of downhill curves, brake firmly on the straight parts and more gently on the curve.
  • Ensure you can stop suddenly behind a vehicle that you’re following if they stop suddenly.
  • Ensure you can stop suddenly if a pedestrian runs across the road.
  • Even a small increase in speed raises the crash risk for all road users. slow down.
  • Never be distracted by anything.
                                  No compensation will be paid to drivers in the following circumstances:
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol over the prescribed limit, or under the influence of drugs. 
  • Being convicted of an offence of driving with an excess of alcohol or blood alcohol  concentration over the prescribed limit.
  •  Failing or refusing to permit a breath test or a specimen of blood to be taken.
  •  Not holding a valid driving licence authorising that person to drive the motor vehicle of the   class or use for which it is registered. 
  •  Failure to comply with all the conditions of the driving licence.
  •  Being convicted of an offence for any act or omission that directly caused the accident. 
  •  Attempted suicide or suicide 
  •  Any injury or death that did not directly arise from the accident.
  •  Owner of a vehicle who has failed to pay the Motor Vehicle Levy. 
  •  Personal injury or death caused by deliberate self-injury.
  •  Personal injury or death as a result of an accident arising out of and in the course of employment where the injured or deceased person is not a worker
ACCF will not pay compensation to drivers who suffer serious injuries if they are convicted of an offence for any act or omission that directly caused the accident.

The current road death toll stands at 19 compared to 32 as the same period last year. A contributing factor towards the lower comparative figure is likely to be the restrictions on movement throughout the year, not safer driving. ACCF says even one life lost is one life too many.

All road users are requested to share the roads safely and responsibly.  

For enquiries regarding compensation for motor vehicle accidents, ACCF can be contacted on 8923770 and