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Compensation Payment Timely For Grieving Family

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Article Compensation Payment Timely For Grieving Family
Compensation Payment Timely For Grieving Family
The Accident Compensation Commission of Fiji has made a payment to the family of a victim of a motor vehicle accident which resulted in the death of their 9 year old child.

The deceased, Mereoni Lewasomo Talei Ceva Vuniyayawa was involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident on 09th January 2021 along Queens Road, Viseisei, Lautoka.

The accident allegedly occurred as a result of dangerous driving. ACCF is concerned with the possibility that the accident was allegedly caused by a driver losing control of the motor vehicle and veering onto the wrong side of the road, colliding into the child who was an innocent pedestrian.

Upon receiving the application and all relevant information, ACCF processed it in a timely manner and assessed the compensation in accordance with the Accident Compensation Act 2017 and Regulations. Mereoni’s father, Mr. Vuniyayawa was very grateful for ACCF’s assistance and when receiving his compensation of $75,000.00, he said:

“The Commission has been waving and tapping me on my shoulder when I travel to Nadi or Lautoka with their billboards, that they are there to help me recover from my loss. When I finally decided to take the step, the services that I received showed me that they really mean what they preach for they called me time and again to update on all the progress of my application. It helped me visualize how it will lift me up again. The compensation received has enabled us to buy permanent quality things to keep in memory of my daughter. It has raised our standard of living for us, our parents and education for the elder sister, who is in year 8 and younger brother who is going to be 2 years old this July. Being a Tourism worker, the compensation is timely and has enabled me to pay our debts as I put into action my change of plans and goals as we still don’t know when the borders will reopen to tourists. The compensation has really boosted our hope and energy in a positive way on the change of course towards agriculture. With no debts to worry about, with a boosted heart, and with a good harvest we are aiming to help others in my community in this trying time, just like what ACCF did for my family.’’

Mr. Vuniyayawa urged all road users to never overestimate their driving experience and never disobey our road rules. In fact, we should follow all the road rules correctly and be a safe driver for others and for yourself.

ACCF CEO, Mr Parvez Akbar says to date ACCF has paid over $19 million in compensation to victims of motor vehicle, employment and school accidents since the Government-established scheme came into force on 01st January 2018. He says the ACCF team continues to support victims of accidents due to the successful implementation of its Business Continuity Plan.

For enquiries regarding compensation for motor vehicle accidents, ACCF can be contacted on 8923770 and . For Employment and School accidents ACCF can be contacted on 3235990 and  or send a message on the ACCF Facebook page @Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji.