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ACCF Supports Extension of Deadlines

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Article ACCF Supports Extension of Deadlines
ACCF Supports Extension of Deadlines
The Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji (ACCF) Chief Executive Officer, Parvez Akbar says ACCF fully supports the announcement by the Minister of Transport, the Honourable Faiyaz Koya in respect of the extension of deadlines for specific Land Transport Authority (LTA) obligations.
The Land Transport COVID-19 Response Regulations 2021 extends the validity of any permit, license, certificate or registration that expires or is due for renewal on or after 14 May 2021 but before 14 August 2021. These permit licenses, certificates or registrations will be subject to the same fee as it would have been applicable upon expiry or when renewing.
The effect of the regulations is that the due date for payment of the Motor Vehicle Accident Levy is also extended during this period.  The exclusion from receiving compensation for non-payment of the Motor Vehicle Accident Levy by a motor vehicle owner will be managed in accordance with these regulations.
The extension provisions will not apply to any cancellations being processed by the LTA. It is recommended that motor vehicle obligations are complied with as soon as practicable to avoid challenges which may arise by leaving things to the last minute. The extensions do not apply to any offences or Traffic Infringement Notices recorded with the LTA.
For further enquiries on the schedule of MVA Levies and the process of payment, please contact the LTA toll free number on 0800 334 2886 or
For enquiries regarding compensation for motor vehicle accidents, ACCF can be contacted on 8923770 and
For Employment and School accidents ACCF can be contacted on 3235990 and  or send a message on the ACCF Facebook page @Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji.