Wednesday, April 26, 2023
The Accident Compensation Commission of Fiji (ACCF) held its first Board meeting for the year on Monday, 28th February 2022. As part of Management’s update, the Board was informed of the progress made by ACCF since the last Board meeting. This included the following positive feedback received from victims of motor vehicle and employment accidents who recently received their compensation from ACCF:
  1. “Thank you so much ACCF Team for your continuous support. This compensation will help my family grow and my daughter to undertake her degree programme. God bless the whole team.”
  2. “I would say great customer service by ACCF. This compensation will assist me in my daily living. Thanks to the team for everything.”
The Board was also apprised of the Festive Season Road Safety Awareness Joint Campaign that ACCF participated in with the Land Transport Authority and Fiji Police Force. The campaign commenced on 08th December 2021 from the Central Division, then Western Division and concluded in the Northern Division on 04th February 2022. The teams carried out highway community awareness, distributed       safety message bumper stickers, schoolbook labels, safety message flyers, calendars, ACCF tote bags and held awareness sessions in schools, communities and public areas.

The total number of people that the team was able to reach out to and impact was 46,373. The positive outcome of such a joint campaign and its success can be measured by the road toll. There were no road fatalities recorded over the Christmas   and New Year period. This is a milestone achievement for the nation.

The ACCF Board acknowledged the payment of more than $27 million in  compensation to victims and families of motor vehicle, employment and school accidents. The Board noted the following:
  • ACCF has paid a total of $ $27,770,000.00 million in compensation since January 2018.
  • This total sum paid is made up as follows:
        Motor Vehicle Accidents            $20,457,500.00 (760 Applications)
        Employment Accidents              $  6,873,000.00 (452 Applications)
        School Accidents                       $     439,500.00 (61 Applications)
ACCF continues to create awareness on the ACCF scheme, and recently ACCF ran a successful presentation with the Ministry of Forestry staff and stakeholders.