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ACCF Engages With FNU Occupational Health and Safety Students

Friday, April 16, 2021
Article ACCF Engages With FNU Occupational Health and Safety Students
ACCF Engages with FNU Occupational Health and Safety Students
The Accident Compensation Commission, Fiji (ACCF) CEO, Mr. Parvez Akbar and team ran an awareness session with the Occupational Health and Safety lecturers and students at the Fiji National University on 15th April 2021.
The session covered the rights, entitlements and obligations under the Accident Compensation Act 2017. The students and academic staff asked a number of questions in relation to the scheme, making the session very interactive and engaging.
The students were provided statistics regarding motor vehicle, employment and school accidents, including the number of applications received, the amount of compensation paid, the causes of accidents and the nature of injuries from these types of accidents.
ACCF has paid in excess of $18.4 million in compensation since 01st January 2018, of which approximately $15 million is for motor vehicle accidents, $3.2 million for employment accidents and $0.2 million for school accidents.
ACCF used case scenarios and examples to demonstrate how victims of motor vehicle, employment and school accidents were far better off now as a result of the Accident Compensation scheme introduced by the Fijian Government. There were a number of challenges that existed prior to the introduction of the Accident Compensation scheme. These included having to prove fault, being caught up in costly and protracted legal proceedings, and unreasonable exclusions.
Mr. Akbar advised the scheme also covered tertiary students, therefore, covered all of the students present. He pointed out there were two circumstances under which compensation is payable for school accidents, and these are:
  • On any school premises during normal school hours; or
  • At any venue during a school event or activity.
The organising FNU lecturers thanked ACCF for the awareness session, as a result of which the students gained more knowledge about the scheme. They also expressed their interest in having similar sessions conducted with academic staff.